As we prepare to welcome you back to our beautiful beachfront resorts, we’re committed to redefining your travel journey with our best-in-class CleanComplete Verification™ practices. While health and safety have always been our top priorities, these new protocols further elevate our standards of quality and cleanliness, enabling you to vacation at any AMResorts® property with the ultimate peace of mind.

Our 360-degree quality, safety and hygiene system takes into account every aspect of resort operations. We will be evolving and innovating our procedures continuously and will share the newest developments as they are implemented. Our protocols begin the moment you start planning a vacation to the time you return home!

Gel and disinfectant wipes will be offered to all guests on arrival at the hotel.
​ All guests will have their temperature taken before entering the hotel lobby area in order to protect the people who are in the hotel and help contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The temperature data will not be stored nor processed, except in cases in which the temperature is over 37.2ºC in the morning or 37.7ºC in the afternoon, in which case the data will be transmitted to the local health authorities to allow the implementation of the corresponding health protocol. In such cases, the guest and their travel companions must wait for the arrival of health service workers in a special area (specific room or space in the lobby) defined for this purpose. While the guest is being checked by health service workers, their luggage will be kept in the hotel and subject to the disinfection protocols applicable to other guests.
The check-in area (desks, chairs, etc.) will be disinfected between each guest.
Self-check-in facilities will be made available to streamline the process and reduce interaction in reception.
Receptionists will use disinfectant gel between attending each guest and will disinfect the front desk counter.

Special technology will be used to disinfect, decontaminate and sanitize rooms during the guests’ stay (through daily cleaning) and after their departure prior to the arrival of the next guest.
​ Special amenities such as disinfectant gel and disinfectant wipes, among others, will be available in the room.

Contact areas for guests, employees and suppliers will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently during the day.
Guest areas
Disinfectant gel stations will be available in the main contact areas for guests and other specific areas.
Lifts will be cleaned more frequently throughout the day. Access to the lifts will be allowed in small groups or in family units.
Public toilets will be disinfected before and after opening every day. Cleaning frequencies will increase during the day.
Public areas
Public areas for employees will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently during the day according to protocols.
Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection in areas under the responsibility of the Maintenance and Engineering Department.
Personnel lifts and stairs will be cleaned several times throughout the day.
Disinfectant gel stations will be available in several areas with significant employee contact.
Pool and beach
The sunbeds and beach/pool chairs will be laid out in a way that respects the safety distance recommended by the health authorities.
Pool and beach employees will have disinfectant gel available for guests at all times and also for their own personal use to guarantee the health and safety of both parties.
Pool staff will constantly check chlorine levels to ensure they are at the optimum level for enjoyment by guests.
Cleaning and disinfection measures will be intensified.
Use of masks by personnel.
Use of special technology to disinfect the hydrotherapy area and cabins.
Reduction of the number of people allowed in the hydrotherapy and relaxation area to ensure social distancing and avoid infections.
Use of special gloves for all treatments.

Disinfection of all the material used in entertainment activities on a daily and frequent basis using disinfectant solution and following standard protocols.
Modification of the activities programme to offer options that comply with social distancing requirements.
All activities requiring physical contact are eliminated.

Food and Beverage
Disinfectant gel will be offered at the entrance to all food and beverage areas.
Doors and contact areas for guests and staff in food and beverage areas will be cleaned more often.
Seating and display points in food and beverage areas will be arranged in such a way to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements.
The tables in restaurants and bar areas will be disinfected between each use by guests.
Personnel must wash their hands following standard FoodCheck® certified protocols.
All food and beverage areas will be disinfected following an exhaustive procedure during the third shift or when they are no longer in use.

Express check-out processes will be implemented to speed up the departure of guests and reduce interaction in reception.
​ Receptionists will use disinfectant gel between attending each guest.

Hotel employees
All employees will undergo training prior to the hotel opening on the new protocols and health and safety measures to ensure they can take care of themselves and our guests.
Employees will have their temperature taken every day before entering the hotel staff area.
Entrance times will be staggered by several minutes to avoid crowds in the employee entrance areas and prevent infection.
Key areas will be reinforced with additional staff and improved hygiene and cleaning processes.
Staff dining room protocols will be altered to eliminate self-service.
New hygiene protocols will be introduced in the induction course for new employees.
Constant training will be carried out on the new hygiene protocols and measures taken on recommendations from the corresponding administration.
Stores - Suppliers
Suppliers must follow protocols for cleaning the soles of their shoes and other hygiene and disinfection procedures before delivering goods.
Special goods delivery area. Specific personnel will be responsible for receiving and disinfecting goods before they are taken to the hotel stores.
All delivered goods must be disinfected.
Kitchen staff must wear masks in the kitchens.
Show-cooking staff must wear masks in guest areas.
All hygiene protocols will be reinforced in accordance with our standards and the recommendations of the public administration
Kitchen work areas will be arranged so that employees are not facing each other.
Room service
Compliance with room service protocol for people with symptoms in the room.
New protocols and procedures.
Special protocol for washing articles or clothing that may be contaminated.
Washing temperatures and washing cycles will follow applicable hygiene standards.